Welcome to Elon Club Dressage!

We are Elon Club Dressage, an equestrian club sport at Elon University.  We are a competitive team that has a passion for riding and a love for horses.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Elon Club Dressage!

  1. Hi! I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m looking at colleges. I saw that Elon has this equestrian club and I was wondering if one needed to have their own horse or if they could borrow one from the stables? I would love to join this club if I came to Elon, but I don’t have the money to buy my own horse. Please let me know!
    -Becca I.


    • Hi Becca!
      There are always leasing options and options for you to ride horses from the stables! If you would like to know more information about leasing and the horses please call the coach Patrick Marley! We wish you luck with your college journey and hope to see you at Elon!

      ~Elon Dressage


  2. Hi- My daughter is a sophomore in high school and has started doing some schooling shows in dressage. She has been doing really well, winning some blues and a couple of championships at training level. In order to be accepted on the team and to show with the team, are there requirements to be met? And in order to show with the team, is it necessary for her to bring a horse there with her? If so, how can I find out cost of board? Thank you.


    • The only thing we require to be on our team is that you love riding and horses. The IDA has various levels that riders can compete at, so she can show if she would like. However, riders do not need to show in order to be on the team. We have team dinners and get togethers with all members, so competing is not our top priority. The IDA provides the horses that we ride at shows (we do “catch riding”), so anyone can compete. There are lease options and lesson horses available, so having a horse is not necessary. If she does have a horse, you can contact our coach Patrick and he can let you know about the barns in the area/board costs.


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